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Concrete Driveways

Why choose a Concrete Driveway and A & R to Pour It:

  1. We believe in using the best possible concrete. Redi-Mix prices change depending on the quality of the mix we order. It is easy for a concrete contractor to pocket 3-$400.00 by ordering a cheaper concrete mix. This is the #1 reason for concrete driveway problems. A driveway mix needs to have a high cement content for durability and strength and fiber reinforcement for crack reduction and tensile strength.

  2. A & R has a small bulldozer for excavation. Even though this piece of equipment costs more than a traditional "bobcat" it is ideal for excavating driveways. Because of the efficiency, sub grade is right and the customer receives a full 4" thick driveway. The driveway also drains properly. A lot of driveways crack unnecessarily because they are thinner than 4"; crews simply get tired of the hard work our dozer does for us.

  3. As the owner of the company, customers deal with me from start to finish of their job. I don't believe in the "send a crew out in the morning and hope it goes well" approach. I enjoy designing, excavating, forming, pouring, and finishing concrete driveways. Jobs simply turn out better when your contractor and his crew look forward to work.

  4. A & R Flatwork has poured thousands of driveways in the last 15 years. Together, the customer and I can design a concrete driveway intelligently. This will make the best use of your money and space.

  5. Color can be added for approximately $.65 per sq ft to compliment architectural elements of your home. Staining concrete has become more popular and can be done to concrete of any age.

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